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Dear Family of Saint Theresa, 

St. Theresa Parish is committed to bringing community together to celebrate our Faith, Hope and Charity in Christ. Today, we are reaching out to people in new and meaningful ways.  But there is so much more we can do! 

As a community of faith, we are blessed with many gifts due to the sacrifices of parishioners over the span of our 67 years. With these blessings, we may experience the joy that St. Theresa Parish brings to our lives and the lives of our families and community. 

To revitalize our collective spiritual lives while simultaneously renewing our parish grounds, we are launching a small fund raiser, Building our Future, which seeks to raise a minimum of $150,000 in gifts and pledges. 

As good stewards of the physical resources provided for our use by those who came before us, now it is our time – to renew our parish community of today and to leave a lasting legacy for those who will follow tomorrow. To realize our vision requires the time, talents and significant financial support of all member of this Faith Community. 

Knowing your own commitment to our parish’s future, I invite you to share in our vision for a renewed and revitalized St. Theresa Parish by making a sacrificial donation toward Building our Future. Your donation would be a great start for this fundraiser. 

We believe that with God we can do anything and that we are only limited by our willingness to respond to His grace. Please join me in this historic opportunity to contribute to the realization of our vision for St. Theresa Parish, ensuring a legacy of Catholic faith for those who one day will follow us. Thank you for dreaming and believing in the future of our parish and for being a part of this historic endeavor.

Faithfully in Christ,

Reverend Mauricio Hurtado

Parochial Administrator

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