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Addressing the Wounds Inflicted by Clergy Abuse 

Please read the following letter from Jaime Soto, Bishop for the Diocese of Sacramento.

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RESOURCES - Click the links below for more information.


Talking To Young People About the Scandals in the Catholic Church - 

Roy Petitfils, LPC offers tips for parents, teachers and ministers on how to discuss the recent scandals in the Catholic Church with young people, Video

How to Talk to Children About the Church Sex Abuse Scandal - (Catholic News Agency)

Defend Innocence - Age appropriate information to share with children & teens

The Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal: What Parents Can Do & How to Talk to Your Kids 

(Jerry Windley-Daoust, Peanut Butter & Grace)


If One Member Suffers, We All Suffer Together With It - (Letter from Pope Francis)

USCCB Chairman Response to Pennsylvania Grand Jury Reports - (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

USCCB National Review Board Calls for Lay Leadership Amid Sexual Abuse Crisis - 

(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

The Church Sex Abuse Crisis: What You Need to Know

(A collection of news and articles on the clergy abuse crisis compiled by America Magazine)

Eight lessons to help us move forward from the sex abuse crisis - (America magazine)

The Darkness of Scandal and the Light of Christ - (Leah Murphy, LifeTeen)

When Leaders Fail - (LifeTeen)

Youth Ministry: Addressing the Sad Reality of Sexual Abuse - (Center for Parent / Youth Understanding)

Dear Catholic Bishops: This is Not The Time to Play Defense - (Katie Prejean McGrady, America Magazine)

Grieving with You: On the Clergy Abuse and What We Can Do - (Blessed is She)

The Church and Clergy in Crisis: 7 Practical First Steps We Must Take - (Word on Fire)

Coping with the clergy sex abuse crisis: How do we keep the faith amid such betrayal? How do we talk to our kids about this? Here’s what you need to know - (Catholic Digest)

In the midst of sex abuse allegations, what is Catholic layperson to do? - (Catholic Digest)

For more resources go to

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Release of Clergy Abuse List Letter SPAN
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